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SCA is pleased to announce that our Men’s National T20I Team will be participating at the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Asia Qualifier, a tournament which is part of the qualification process for the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.
The Asia Regional Final is scheduled to take place from 28 October to 5 November, 2023. The participating teams from Groups A & B are Nepal, Singapore, Oman, Malaysia, UAE, Bahrain, Hong Kong and winner of SRQA. The winners of the Asia Regional Finals will advance to the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

SCA paid tribute to our Men’s National Cricket Team Captain, Amjad Mahboob on 15 September 2023.

At an appreciation dinner on 15 September 2023, President of SCA, Mr Mahmood Gaznavi announced that Singapore’s 1st T20I Captain (2019-2023) has retired from playing competitive Cricket.

Amjad made his debut for Singapore in 2009 against Malaysia and went on to play 30 T20Is (Captaining 27) and 13 List A games.

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Having received his T20I debut cap on 22 July 2019 from his mentor Saad Khan Janjua, former Singapore’s Men’s Captain, in a match against Qatar, Amjad lead the team with an impactful performance to wing the ICC T20I World Cup Qualifiers East Asia Finals. He led the Singapore team to our 1st ever WC Qualifier major group stage.

Amjad was an exemplary role model both on and off the field. He contributed significantly towards the growth and development of Cricket in Singapore, taking time to nurture and inspire young talent by volunteering his time for youth development initiatives and community outreach programmes (COP) by SCA.

With an off the field demeanour that was friendly and approachable, he was able to earn the respect of those around him. On the field, he was a fierce competitor, disciplined, self-motivated and with a tremendous will to win. As SCA president stated during his appreciation speech,

“Amjad won many a game defending less than 8 runs in the last over when all seemed lost.” That was a testament to the man’s character.”

During his acceptance speech, Amjad expressed that he looked forward to contributing to the development of Singapore’s youth and groom them towards sports excellence and achieving glory for Singapore.

Fittingly, on 15th May 2023 Amjad Mahboob signed off at the international stage with yet another match winning performance for Singapore as they pulled off an astounding feat by winning the Gold Medal at the 32nd SEA Games 2023 in Cambodia, winning the Sixes crown after defeating hosts Cambodia.

He has always led the National Team with fortitude, skill and courage, never daunted by challenging times. The steady hands and stout heart that consistently, guides and inspires his teammates in the pursuit of excellence and sporting honour.

The Singapore Cricket Association wishes Mr. Amjad Mehboob all the very best for his future. While we will miss one of our most prolific players and leader, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that he will continue to make a difference in Singapore Cricket. He will be fondly remembered as a pioneering player of the modern era to play white ball cricket for Singapore.

The 19th Asian Games Cricket matches will be played at the Hangzhou’s University of Technology Pingfeng Cricket Field, from 27 September to 7 October 2023.

The highly anticipated cricket schedule for the upcoming Asian Games 2023 has been unveiled. In the Asian Games 2023 cricket event, the seeding of teams in both the men’s and women’s events will be based on their ICC T20I Team Rankings as of June 1, 2023.

Eighteen men’s teams will be featured, with our National Men’s Team participating in the following fixtures:


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ST Photo: Chong Jun Liang

The SCA completed the Annual General Meeting for 2023 on 28 Jul 2023.

The following were duly elected to the executive committee.

President                               : Mr. Mahmood Gaznavi
Deputy President                 : Mr. Subir Ghatak
Vice- President                     : Mr. S. Santhanam
Vice- President                     : Mr. Rajesh Balakrishnan
Honorary Secretary             : Mr. Muraleedharan Manesh
Honorary Treasurer             : Mr. Shantonu Bhadury
Individual Members’ Rep     : Mr. Ajmal Rasheed

Wishing everyone a good cricketing year ahead.