Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


To develop the game by making cricket a recognised and enjoyable sport for all levels and ages of players in Singapore by embedding cricket into the cultures and passion of the people of Singapore.


SCA’s Key values are embedded within our mission statement:

“Singapore Cricket Association is the guardian of a contemporary game in Singapore. SCA is an accessible, financially viable, vibrant, performance-driven organization. Self-sufficiency is valued within SCA, members, clubs, players and other stakeholders of cricket. We aim to be the top echelon of cricket associations in this region in all aspects of our organization.”

Mission Statement Objectives:

As a Guardian:

  • Develop a self-sufficient and well-administered National Cricket Body
  • Spread the game of cricket to all the constituencies in Singapore and be the advocate for the game at national level
  • Uphold and promote the positive values associated with the spirit of cricket
  • Clearly defined and communicated roles of SCA and its member clubs which will ensure efficient delivery of the game
  • Be the leading gateway for development of cricket in Singapore through an emphasis on administration/governance, education, player pathways, high performance and facility development
  • Quality governance and administration
  • Innovative presentation of the brand “cricket”
  • Career development systems for staff, coaches, and players
  • Financially viable with appropriate sustainable funding


  • Quality staffing
  • Honest, Transparent and Reliable
  • Strong and viable professional culture
  • Cost-effective, quality facilities
  •  Relevant playing options
  •  Broad participation (active and passive)
  •  Responsive to stakeholders needs

Performance Driven:

Defined success measurements in the following areas:
  • Sustained demand for grassroots cricket
  • Competitive representative teams
  • A high proportion of national representation
  • Sustained financial performance


  • Retain strong independent governance procedures while supporting the national vision
  • Encourage strong governance and independence of all affiliated members, within the bounds of the SCA strategic plan
  • Encourage self-sufficiency among our elite players in their cricket and life skills

Standards of Excellence:

  • Set our own standards based on possibilities rather than related to what others do
  • High standard of communication with all stakeholders, International Cricket Council, Asian Cricket Council and cricket public